Any interest in raw strings?

rssh at rssh at
Tue Mar 24 16:43:46 PDT 2009

> Hi all,
> I don't think I've seen a proposal for raw strings - string literals which
> ignore escape sequences - yet. Would there be enough interest to write
> this
> up as a proposal?
> The idea is stolen shamelessly from Python, where you can write a raw
> string
> as r"[\n\r\t]" and it's equivalent to the normal string "[\\n\\r\\t]"
> (i.e.
> you don't need to double the backslash in a raw string, it's just treated
> like any other character). This is most useful when writing regular
> expressions; in fact, it may *only* be useful then. But for that one case
> it
> is extremely handy.
> Any opinions?

It was part of my enhanched string proposal

If creating new proposal only for unescaped strings (without multiline)
can help (ask Darcy) -- than submit one. It woud be better than nothing.

> Vil.

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