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Marek Kozieł develop4lasu at
Thu Mar 26 14:47:50 PDT 2009

2009/3/26 Reinier Zwitserloot <reinier at>:
> Just because something goes wrong in one place is no excuse to let it happen
> in another.
>  --Reinier Zwitserloot
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But I do not like magic work, so if something work in same way in all
lists/arrays then this should work in same way in future, or it should
be explicit changed.

   array?[index] : null-safe

   array??[index] or array?[index?]: null-safe & index safe ?

   array.?getElementIfExists(index): null-safe & index safe

Pozdrowionka. / Regards.
Lasu aka Marek Kozieł

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