PROPOSAL: Language Escape Operator

rssh at rssh at
Fri Mar 27 06:37:33 PDT 2009

>  Inside commments, String literals and character literals all printable
> characters have meaning and therefore there is no way we can escape from
> This is not thought to be an overly burdensome restriction.

 Hmm, this means, that new forms of string literals or comments must not be
added to java language in future, becouse ` in multiline string literal or
new form of multiline comment will enable you tool. This requirement (does
not add new multiline constructions) is something, that  I can't agree,
//especially for multiline string literals, which will be added in some
form to Java if language will used, otherwise near nobody will use java
for new projects in corporate sector related to sql, because live without
ones is extremely ugly, after seeing same code on any other language with
multiline string support,

Why tools must use one escape symbol, not 2, starting from \'
Than ... oh, in principle this will break raw strings (or made one
'not-raw' )

So, those requirements to evolution of Java language is not so tiny, as

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