PROPOSAL: Language Escape Operator

rssh at rssh at
Sun Mar 29 01:03:21 PDT 2009

>   Coin proposals have
>> to be written without reference to other coin proposals. It would seem
>> logical that if both multiline strings and language escape operator were
>> chosen to be developed further, then the language escape operator spec
>> would be modified to include multiline strings as one of the places were
>> it wasn't a compiler error.
   Yes. I. e. what I mean that changes

 It is a compile time error for a ` character to appear in other than a
 comment, a String literal or a Character literal.

   does not prevent such tools from breaking in future, because comments,
 string literals in principle can be changed.

 But again, it's better than nothing, i.e. better to know that maximum
 changers will be tune escaping for commnents and literals, than think how
 to change near all after introducing  new '`' operator, so can count me to
 supporters ;)

> ...
>> justifies a single character. With a double character escape, there
>> may be certain uses where the additional character (2 instead of 1)
>> tips the use from being viable to ugly. For a thought experiment here
>> think operator overloading.
>  Hmm, Yes.

Interesting, but closest generator for you idea, which I seen (don;t
remember where, but MSVC derived), used extensions in comment. I. e.
 something like
//#(ext)   y = x+y

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