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Adrian Kuhn akuhn at
Sun Mar 29 16:29:28 PDT 2009

Tim Peierls wrote

> My sense (bolstered by a quick Google code search) is that people  
> have been coming up with this kind of functionality on their own as  
> they encounter a need for it. Is it really something that needs  
> special language support? Using another thread to do the generation  
> is quite reasonable. You can build a nice coroutine-style facility  
> with a pair of SynchronousQueues (or, more generally and flexibly,  
> with TransferQueues, expected for Java 7; or maybe with Phasers).  
> Using that as a building block you could then rewrite your example  
> below as something like this:

Language support for generators is a must have! Threads are a  
workaround only. With proper language support generators can be  
realized as state machine. See the following article (Jon Skeet to the  
rescue :)


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