PROPOSAL: Templated Construction Expressions (i.e., Expressions Embedded in Strings)

rssh at rssh at
Mon Mar 30 22:12:30 PDT 2009

> (The proposal to use """ for both open and closing delimiters
> is very IDE-unfriendly.  Imagine trying to do syntax highlighting
> and checking as the user is entering a program or makes a typo ...)

But IDE-s ara adopted to groovy and scala now. (I.e. netbeans correctly
parse and highlight groovy long strings). And all major IDE-s will be
adopted to new . So, this argument is not counted.

// And of course, I does not see prinicipal difference in number of

If multiline strings such anticipated -- may be syntax of some form of HERE
document can be used instead ?

P.S. Sorry, I know that multiline strings debate is closed ;)

> You'd mark a localized string with some extra marker, for example:
> String x =
> <~"Name: $(name)
> Address: $(address)"~>;
> --
> 	--Per Bothner
> per at

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