Project Coin: Inducing contributory heap pollution

Joe Darcy joe.darcy at
Thu Jun 10 10:15:10 PDT 2010

Neal Gafter wrote:
> Re:
> I thought technical documents for project Coin were supposed to be
> published here?

I was planning to post on the list later today.

> A nit: the @Inherited annotation "has no effect if [...] used to
> annotate anything other than a class", and so can't be used for the
> purpose described.

Yes, that is a complication.

> Inheriting the diagnostic-suppression annotation would be a great way
> to induce contributory heap pollution.  All you have to do is extend a
> class with a warning-suppressed varargs method, providing an unsafe
> overriding implementation, and voila!  Heap pollution without a
> warning.

I was thinking that the spec for the annotation would allow compilers to 
issue errors if they could prove bad things actually happen in an 
implementation of a so annotated method.


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