ARM API Support

tom.hawtin at tom.hawtin at
Thu Jun 24 03:08:37 PDT 2010

On 24/06/2010 01:36, Joe Darcy wrote:
> Neal Gafter wrote:
>> Do you have any explanation for the Graphics and AWT teams' decisions
>> not to retrofit for ARM?
> There were compatabilty concerns with adding a close method to those 
> classes and from an implementation perspective the existing "dispose" 
> method has not been needed to be called to free resources since 1.2.

Will the documentation be changed from:

    "For efficiency, programmers should call dispose when finished using 
a Graphics object only if it was created directly from a component or 
another Graphics object."

Zdeněk Troníček's example needs to be changed to use modal dialogs to 
make sense (Swing vs EDT), but I don't think modal dialogs are something 
to be encouraged.


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