ARM and thread interruption

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Mon Jun 28 18:44:08 PDT 2010

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Subject: ARM and thread interruption

I am little concerned about ARM suppressing
java.lang.InterruptedException ... 

Hmm, and how is that different from what happens now?

try {
	// wait until interrupted
finally {
	throw RuntimeException("Oops, InterruptedException thrown away");

Suppressed exceptions represent a bug in the program (an uncaught 
exception happened in the finally block) and imho 99% of the time are 
only useful for debugging/logging (the same as happens to exception 

In fact adding behavior (this restoring the interrupt flag) to ARM 
suppression handling is counter-intuitive making ARM blocks behave very 
different from traditional try/finally blocks where no such handling is 

Or am I missing something here (quite possible :) ?


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