Behaviour of VERBOSE=true on langtools build

Andrew John Hughes gnu_andrew at
Mon Feb 22 12:12:59 PST 2010

Enabling VERBOSE=true (presumably) should cause the build to produce
more verbose build output.

However, on langtools it just causes Ant to print the diagnostics
(which have already been logged beforehand anyway) and not build
langtools at all.

I'd suggest the following change:

diff -r bab75805f846 make/Makefile
--- a/make/Makefile	Fri Feb 19 17:14:22 2010 +0000
+++ b/make/Makefile	Mon Feb 22 20:10:44 2010 +0000
@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@

 ifdef VERBOSE
-  ANT_OPTIONS += -verbose -diagnostics
+  ANT_OPTIONS += -verbose -debug


or just -verbose.

If this looks ok, can I have a bug ID to push it?

Andrew :-)

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