Documentation for -source option in javac man pages is wrong in JDK 7 and 8

Nico R. n-roeser at
Tue Nov 15 17:29:45 PST 2011


in JDK 7, the man Linux/Solaris page for javac
(jdk7/jdk/src/linux/doc/man/javac.1 and
jdk7/jdk/src/solaris/doc/sun/man/man1/javac.1) says that 1.6 is the
default value for -source. However, compiling a simple test program
which uses features from version 7 works fine. If I use ‘-source 1.6’ or
‘-source 6’, it fails. With ‘-source 7’, it works again.

These facts and the value of ‘DEFAULT’ in
suggest a documentation bug: the text “This is the default value. ”
should be moved from the description for -source 1.6 to 1.7.

Seems that it was forgotten to update the documentation for -source
before the JDK 7 release; the documentation for -target looks up to date.

The man page for JDK 8 needs to be updated accordingly (DEFAULT is
JDK1_8 in this case).

The javac documentation on the web (…/solaris/… and …/windows/…) is also
affected. Is the javac for Windows documentation generated from the man

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