Request for Review(S): JVM crashes when throwing StackOverflow exception from interpreter

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Subject: Request for Review(S): JVM crashes when throwing StackOverflow exception from interpreter

Hi folks,
   We found two problems during throwing an StackOverflow exception from interpreter.

1.       Before preparing to throw a StackOverflow exception, the last Java frame is set to the current sp. This is problematic when the StackOverflow is thrown on top of c2i adapter. Solution : the real caller frame(unextended sp) should be set as last Java frame.

2.       When Garbage collection happens during throwing StackOverflow exception, and callee-saved register(or "never-saved" register which behaves alike) happens to be an OOP, GC is unable to locate the OOP in C frame(generated by VM calls), and hence fails to process the OOP. Solution : We build a runtime stub frame before doing a VM call, which guarantees the location of Callee-saved registers are always recognizable by GC.
   Detailed descriptions and tests could be found in webrev
   I don't have a bugID yet. Please kindly open one bug for this issue.


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