JLS 8?

Alex Buckley alex.buckley at oracle.com
Fri Dec 6 15:01:05 PST 2013

Hi John,

The Public Review of JSR 337, which just completed, contained JLS8 and 
JVMS8 drafts incorporating maintenance from JLS7 and JVMS7. Please see 
the 337 PR materials.

The Proposed Final Draft of JSR 337, due in January, will contain JLS8 
and JVMS8 drafts integrating the specs of new component JSRs.


On 12/6/2013 2:36 PM, John Spicer wrote:
> Are there plans for a JLS 8 that would include the JSR 335 changes, JSR 308, etc?
> In addition, I assume there have been corrections and clarifications made to the JLS since the SE7 edition.   Are these available somewhere?
> Apologies in advance if this information is somewhere that I failed to discover.
> John Spicer
> Edison Design Group

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