RFR: 8015145: Smartjavac needs more flexibility with linking to sources

Erik Joelsson erik.joelsson at oracle.com
Fri Jun 7 05:43:38 PDT 2013

Here is a patch solving a problem with -sourcepath for sjavac.

First some background. The security sources (the ones that require 
signing) need to be built to a separate directory. If they aren't (as is 
the case now) security tests will fail if run on the exploded jdk image 
(the one you get when just typing make or make jdk). In JDK-8009280, I'm 
trying to fix this. The solution I have for that bug is working well, 
except when running with sjavac, and basically builds all classes except 
the security classes first to the normal outputdir and then as a 
separate step builds just the security classes to a different outputdir.

There are two issues that need to be addressed in sjavac for this to 
work. First, it needs to be possible to supply the same source root both 
to the -src and -sourcepath option (but with different filter rules). 
Sjavac is very picky and only links to sources that are included in 
either of those options, and since we are excluding the security sources 
from -src, we need to add them to -sourcepath.

The second thing is more of a bug as far as I can tell. Sjavac compares 
the found set of sources to compile with what the makefile think needs 
to be compiled, as a safety check. Currently, sjavac is including 
sources that are just being linked to in this comparison. I would think 
that it should only include sources that are meant to be compiled.




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