Review request for JDK-8015668 : overload resolution: performance regression in JDK 7

Vicente-Arturo Romero-Zaldivar vicente.romero at
Tue Jun 18 03:20:28 PDT 2013


Please review this patch. It solves a performance regression in javac 
for 7u-dev repo.

The regression has been detected for a class that declares methods with 
a lot of parameters (1..254).

The proposed solution modifies a data structure used to store wrong 
method candidates for a given argument / type list. The mentioned data 
structure was a and now is a java.util.Set.

Also a new field has been added to MethodType in this field stores the number of arguments 
so equal comparison between methods can now be done faster for evident 

The webrev is here:

The bug report is here:


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