Review Request : JDK-8031670: remove unneeded -source option from javadoc tests

Neil Toda neil.toda at
Thu Feb 20 17:25:48 PST 2014

There is another test that does a negative check on a feature, 
However, it too will stop working when support for 1.7 is removed from 
the JDK.
Granted that will be several years from now, but by then we'll all 
forget and just
remove the negative test.

I think I've made a mistake taking out the ./sourceOption test.  It is 
better that this
test exist and be specifically designed to make sure -source is working.

With that in mind, I'll not remove it, and add to it so that we have a 
list of features
in each release that will fail in the next release.  Something like:

Release        Feature
=======        ===================
1.6            List<String> list = ArrayList<String>();
1.7            List<String> list = ArrayList<>();
1.8            Lambda or default methods
1.9            TBD

So for JDK9, the test will specify:
     -source 1.6 will contain : List<String> list = ArrayList<>();

     and the test will look for failure.

In this way, the intent will by conveyed in the test.

Does this all sound okay?

Thanks Joe


On 2/19/2014 3:42 PM, Joseph Darcy wrote:
> Hi Neil,
> On the removal of
>     test/tools/javadoc/sourceOption/
> after your patch is there some remaining javadoc test which uses the 
> -source option? We probably want to keep one test which uses to the 
> option to make sure it is supported. If there is no such remaining 
> test, could be resurrected and make to check that a 
> JDK 8 feature is rejected under source 7, etc.
> Otherwise, the removal of the other -source uses looks fine.
> Thanks,
> -Joe
> On 2/19/2014 7:37 AM, Vicente-Arturo Romero-Zaldivar wrote:
>> Hi Neil,
>> there is a typo at test/tools/javadoc/6964914/
>> "It *amy* be deprecated in JDK8"
>> at test/com/sun/javadoc/testLambdaFeature/
>> I would add the note as an independent comment after the
>> * @test
>> * @bug      8004893 8022738
>> section not as part of it.
>> Vicente
>> On 18/02/14 21:10, Neil Toda wrote:
>>> A small set of javadoc tests contain the -source parameter. In most 
>>> cases, the parameter is
>>> not required for the test.  In several cases, the -source parameter 
>>> is being explicitly tested,
>>> but relies on a JDK version that will be removed from JDK9.
>>> This changeset removes unnecessary -source specification when not 
>>> needed, or changes the
>>> test/source-version requested to one that will work in JDK9.
>>> Thanks
>>> -neil

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