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Robert Olofsson ernimril at gmail.com
Thu May 5 15:30:21 UTC 2016


Since quite some time I am working on a java compiler on my own.
My goal is to actually learn what it takes to write a full compiler for
a real language.

Many years ago I did take some of the compiler oriented courses
at the university, but never go around to fully explore it. Now it is
a pet project. This means that development is quite slow.

Anyway I have quite a few already:
* Hand written lexer.
* Grammar based earley parsing.
* Quite a few semantic tests.
* Bytecode generation for quite a few things.
* Parallel operations in all the different stages.

I do know of the antlr-javac experiment, but that one seems to have died.

I did read some of the requests for a faster more multi threaded
javac so some of what I have done may be interesting to look at.
I also want a faster compiler, since I work on somewhat large projects at
work. I did spend some time reading the sources for javac, but found
the code to be hard to work with when it comes to multi threading.

In case you want to look at it, you can find my project at:

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