Class invoking method which exists as default on interface and private on super

Michael Rasmussen Michael.Rasmussen at
Tue Feb 13 23:43:04 UTC 2018

> (I'm assuming the version string indicates an implementation of SE 8.)
Yes. SE 8.

> - For the invokevirtual, the method to be resolved is Test::foo, and the 
> first matching method found is C::foo, and thus resolution fails because 
> C::foo is inaccessible to Test. Nothing more to say.

A follow-up question to that.

If I change C::foo to be static instead, it still compiles to the same (invokeinterface and invokevirtual).
When running, invokeinterface now calls I::foo, but the invokevirtual tries to call the static C::foo, and gets access error because it's private.
(tested on 10-ea+43)

so the static C::foo is now no longer a valid candidate for invokeinterface, but still is for invokevirtual?


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