Null safe navigation

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Wed Jan 16 01:03:28 UTC 2019


I think, amber-spec-comments is a better place to discuss new language

I don't think that Kotlin has a ? operator. There's ?: operator and ?.
operator. Also I think, their semantics differs from those in Groovy.

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Tagir Valeev.

ср, 16 янв. 2019 г., 2:27 Jeyvison Nascimento jeynoronha at

> Hi folks :)
> Sorry if this is the wrong list to ask about it but I'd like to discuss a
> feature that could turn into a JEP later, that is null Safe navigation.
> It's something like Groovy and kotlin offers with the operator "?" to avoid
> NullPointerExceptions.
> If this is not the best place, could you tell me to what list should I
> send a message, please?
> Thanks and sorry for bothering you all.
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