FYI, JSR 269 maintenance review underway for Java SE 12

Joe Darcy joe.darcy at
Wed Jan 16 18:45:20 UTC 2019


As usual the JSR 269 API covering javax.lang.model.* and 
javax.annotation.processing is under JCP maintenance review for the 
current Java SE release, now Java SE 12:

The summary and bug list from the MR materials:

> The proposed changes to JSR 269 include:
>   * Customary changes to support a new platform version, additional
>     enum constant in SourceVersion, etc.
>   * Deprecation of constructors of 7-era visitors (follows deprecation
>     of 6-era visitors under bug JDK-8172686 in JDK 9 and maintenance
>     review 2)
>   * Miscellaneous cleanups
> Bug system:
> JDK-8193292: Add SourceVersion.RELEASE_12
> JDK-8208201: Update SourceVersion.RELEASE_11 docs to mention var for 
> lambda param
> JDK-8213256: Clarify runtime vs compile time annotations for 
> RoundEnvironment.getElementsAnnotatedWith(Class)
> JDK-8208200: Add missing periods to sentences in RoundEnvironment specs
> JDK-8173606: Deprecate constructors of 7-era visitors
> JDK-8216322: Missing since information in deprecation of constructor 
> visitors



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