Integrated: Merge jdk16

Jesper Wilhelmsson jwilhelm at
Thu Dec 17 20:44:15 UTC 2020

Forwardport JDK 16 -> JDK 17


Commit messages:
 - Merge
 - 8247994: Localize javadoc search
 - 8258515: javac should issue an error if an annotation is nested in a local class or interface
 - 8258225: compiler/c2/cr6340864/ runs faster in interpreter
 - 8258293: tools/jpackage/share/ with RuntimePackageTest.testUsrInstallDir2
 - 8257621: JFR StringPool misses cached items across consecutive recordings
 - 8257999: Parallel GC crash in gc/parallel/ new region is not in covered_region
 - 8257636: Update usage of "type" terminology in java.lang.Class and java.lang.reflect
 - 8258505: [TESTBUG] fails due to missing UnlockDiagnosticVMOptions
 - 8254023: A module declaration is not allowed to be a target of an annotation that lacks an @Target meta-annotation

The webrevs contain the adjustments done while merging with regards to each parent branch:
 - master:
 - jdk16:

  Stats: 773 lines in 63 files changed: 449 ins; 124 del; 200 mod
  Fetch: git fetch pull/1827/head:pull/1827


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