Java should provide exact real arithmetics

Roman Kennke roman at
Wed Dec 12 10:01:13 UTC 2007

Hi there,


> Currently, there exist much better solutions than BigDecimal,
> unfortunately not from the Java space. For instance GMP
> ( is considered as one of the state of the art
> libraries in the area of precision arithmetics. And several libraries
> extent GMP such as the popular iRRAM project
> (
> Check out the following page in order to get an idea how performable
> GMP is:
> it demonstrates the calculation of pi with many digits.
> I´m asking myself why there is nothing comparable for the java
> platfom.

Have you tried:

Not everything has to be in the core platform IMO (I think it's already
much too bloated). Or maybe it could be considered to write a JNI-Layer
on top of GMP?

Cheers, Roman

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