[PATH] bug 4254082 & 4479751 & 6192696 draft 2

Bill Pugh pugh at cs.umd.edu
Sun Jul 8 14:19:57 UTC 2007

Please hold off on this. This patch doesn't solve the fundamental  
problem I've raised, and submitting a patch before we've finished  
discussing the desired behavior is premature.


P.S. One problem with the patch is that skip can still return a short  
skip in situations other than being at end of file.

On Jul 8, 2007, at 5:59 AM, Pascal S. de Kloe wrote:

> On Sunday 08 July 2007 14:00:18 Pascal S. de Kloe wrote:
>> The patch seems to solve both bugs while doing the right thing.
>> It hasn't been tested well though and the last thing I want is new
>> bugs. Does anybody have or know a application which utilises the
>> BufferedInputReader with marks?
>> If it works I'll finish it. The read(byte[]) method doesn't work
>> correct anymore now that read(byte[],int,int) has been fixed.
> Fixed a little mistake. Fixes 6192696 now  
> too.<BufferedInputStream.patch>

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