[PATH] bug 4254082 & 4479751 & 6192696 draft 2

Pascal S. de Kloe pascal at quies.net
Sun Jul 8 18:00:42 UTC 2007

On Sunday 08 July 2007 19:45:05 you wrote:
> Speed of patch generation is not a priority when changing the
> behavior of a core Java library.
> Frankly, the quality of your patches convinces me that you shouldn't
> be submitting patches to
> the core Java libraries.

The reason why I post those early drafts is to get feedback before the 
polishing. Maybe some experienced developer can tell if I'm on the 
right track or not until one day I can see it myself.

> Among other problems, your most recent patch changed the behavior
> when skip is called on a closed BufferedInputStream. Rather than
> throwing IOException, you changed the behavior so that it now throws
> a NullPointerException.

That's exactly the kind of feedback we need. :)

Note the first line of skip "verifyNotClose();". That method throws a 
IOException if the stream was closed, i.e., if close() was called.

> I discourage you from submitting more patches. Your eagerness exceeds
> your proficiency.

I'm not convinced that I'm that bad yet...
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