build j2se project in netbeans 5.5.1

zhang Jackie jackieict at
Thu Jul 12 07:16:01 UTC 2007

   I hava downloaded the latest version openjdk, follow the instruction of (1)But all project name
is ???, even if it became ??? again after I changed it.
(1) when I build the j2se project , warnings such as follows always exists.
*Warning: falling back to building against /usr/local/jdk1.6.0
Please define bootstrap.jdk=.../recent/jdk7/snapshot in
/home/jackie/.openjdk/ or
Entering directory `/home/jackie/netbeansWorkSpace/openjdk/j2se/make'*
(3)  when build j2se, Bootstrap Settings are as follows:
*Bootstrap Settings:
  BOOT_VER = /bin/sh: /NO_BOOTDIR/bin/java: No such file or directory
[requires at least 1.5]
  OUTPUTDIR = ./../build/linux-i586
how can I change *BOOTDIR ?*
Do someone can fix my problems? thanks.
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