6410729 Add BitSet.previousClearBit, previousSetBit

Peter B. West lists at pbw.id.au
Wed Jul 18 08:09:17 UTC 2007

I had previously posted about this on the jdk-collaboration list without
getting any responses.

Attached is an implementation of BitSet.java which includes the
previousClearBit and previousSetBit methods. It is in the form of a
NetBeans project, including JUnit tests. The project is specified in a
non-java package for testing. All up, there are 73 additional lines of
code and docs in BitSet.java. No big deal.

Also attached is a udiff against JDK build 15 of 5th July.

I have been, on and off, roaming in the wilderness of JDK builds and
jtreg testing since I first submitted the code on the 6th of May,
without making much progress, and without getting any response. As far
as I can tell, I have followed the recommended path for a submission.
Obviously, there are flaws in either the documentation or the

I have tried using the NetBeans build facilities to build and test a
project consisting only of BitSet.java. While I can build it, I don't
know how to run jtreg against it. I suspect I must have a full JDK
build, which I have not been able to achieve on my SuSE 10.2 box. Note
that I haven't actually written a jtreg test yet. I'll do that when I've
been able to get one to run in the current environment.

Anyway, what I'm after is some (hopefully simple) set of steps I can
follow to get this trivial piece of code either accepted or rejected
for, what, Java 8? Java 9?
Peter B. West <http://cv.pbw.id.au/>
Folio <http://defoe.sourceforge.net/folio/>
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