BUG: 4681995 add support zipping/unzipping large files

Dave Bristor David.Bristor at Sun.COM
Wed Oct 24 17:24:27 UTC 2007

Hi Rob,

We have bug 4681995 open (since 2002!) for this kind of thing.  If you're 
interested in contributing, could you please take a look at

I'd be happy to coordinate a fix with you.


Robert McIlhargie wrote:
> Is anyone working on this?
> I currently get an exception "invalid entry size(expected ..." when I try to unzip files that are larger than 4.29GB (0xFFFFFFFF) bytes that 
> have been compressed using PKZip. In looking at the code for ZipInputStream, its not parsing out the Zip64 information
> in the extra information area for the ZipEntry. I've read through the PKZip specification and written some code to parse out the byte array
> of extra information that is stored in the ZipEntry class to get the 64-bit file sizes.
> Is there anyone I should coordinate on fixing this with?
> Thanks.
> --
> Rob.

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