PATCH: java.nio.channels.DatagramChannel/ test patch

Keith Seitz keiths at
Tue Oct 23 22:04:19 UTC 2007


While playing with the j2se testsuite, I ran across some problems 
executing the test in $SUBJECT. Most specifically, the test will 
generate an error when run on jtreg since the class is not declared public.

Additionally: as written, the testcase doesn't really make a whole lot 
of sense: it tests the same condition twice, despite the fact that it 
would (at first glance) appear to do two different tests.

I'm attaching a patch to simplify this testcase to do the only logical 
thing it can do (at least as I could figure it out): test that an 
unbound, non-blocking DatagramChannel connection will return null when 
the receive method is called.

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