<i18n dev> [Fwd: [PATCH] Load currency.data via ClassLoader]

Jeroen Frijters jeroen at sumatra.nl
Fri Oct 26 04:27:03 UTC 2007

Naoto Sato wrote:
> Hi Roman,
> Thank you for bringing this up.  Yes, it's a bit unclear but the
> Currency class belongs to the i18n group.
> As to the issue, I have a question.  Under jre/lib directory, there are
> other files that are not read via the ClassLoader method.  For example,
> there are data files for time zones under jre/lib/zi, which are read
> via FileInputStream, the same way currency.data is read.  My question
> is how the JamaicaVM is dealing with those files?  I would expect that
> the same issue should have been observed with those files.

As another data point, in IKVM.NET I ran into this issue as well. I worked around it by virtualizing the java.home directory. This is a bit of a hack, but it works well.


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