CFV: Doug Lea to Membership in the Core Libraries Group

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at Sun.COM
Wed Apr 2 11:42:32 UTC 2008

Doug Lea wrote:
> Iris Clark wrote:
>> According to the rules describing group expansion[2], this is 
>> sufficient to approve the
>> proposal for Doug Lea to become a Member of the Core Libraries Group.
>> Congratulations and Welcome Doug!
> Thanks!
> I might need some hg training. Are there reliable guides for this
> out yet?
Good to have you on board! I think Iris is away for a few days but she 
has been working on the OpenJDK Developers Guide [1]. This has a section 
on repositories that includes information on the installation and 
configuration of Mercurial. Another important section is the "Producing 
a Changeset" section that details the procedures needed to produce a 
changeset and how to getting your ssh key setup. In addition to the 
developers guide, a real must is Bryan O'Sullivan's online book 
"Distributed revision control with Mercurial" [2]. The first two 
chapters are sufficient to get a basic working knowledge. OpenJDK uses 
the Mercurial forest. This isn't covered in the book but there links in 
the developers guide on how to set that up.



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