CFV: Project sponsorship: More New I/0 APIs for te Java Platform (JSR-203)

iris clark iris at
Fri Apr 18 19:49:29 UTC 2008

Regarding the CFV on the following question[1]:

  Should the Core Libraries Group sponsor the "More New I/O APIs
  for the Java Platform (JSR-203) Project?

Voting has now concluded.  I have received "Yes" votes from the
following 9 members of the Core Libraries Group:

  Christopher Hegarty
  David Bristor
  Doug Lea
  Iris Clark
  Joe Darcy
  Mark Reinhold
  Martin Buchholz
  Pete Soper
  Xueming Shen

This constitues an absolute majority of the eligible voting members.
Thus I am able to immediately render a decision.  

The Core Libraries Group has decided to sponsor the JSR-203 project.

Thank you.


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