TreeMap.navigableKeySet().descendingIterator() sequence ?

charlie hunt charlie.hunt at
Sat Apr 19 21:07:10 UTC 2008

Alan Bateman wrote:
> Martin Buchholz wrote:
>> :
>> 2. Bug creation from Charlie (or some other person empowered to do so)
>> I suggest making this bug P2-S2.
>> I will need the bug id and synopsis to create the proper mercurial 
>> comment.
> I don't know if Charlie is online today, but as you seem to be ready 
> to create the change-set, I've created java/classes_util bug:
>  6691185: (coll) TreeMap.navigableKeySet's descendingIterator method 
> starts at first instead of last entry
> with a link to this thread. The synopsis can be changed if you want 
> something different.
> -Alan.

Alan, thanks for filing the bug.  One less item on my list of things to 
do. :-)

Fwiw, I've looked at Martin's proposed changes.  From the familiarity 
I've gotten with TreeMap over the past week or two, the changes look 
good to me.

charlie ...

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