covariant returns for CharBuffer.subSequence

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at Sun.COM
Mon Aug 4 11:17:21 UTC 2008

Martin Buchholz wrote:
> Hi Buffer Buddies,
> My changes for CharSequence are both easier and
> less controversial than changes for Buffer.mark,flip,clear.
> All one has to do in my proposal is change return types.
> For Buffer methods, on the other hand, one has to
> copy/paste/modify javadoc from Buffer into its subclasses,
> and more importantly, remove the "final" modifier on
> Buffer's methods, which is a noticeable incompatibility,
> that might perhaps have security or performance implications.
> So I am declining the invitation to work on those.
> The covariant CharSequence change can stand on its own.
Okay. I've created the following to track this:
  6733145:  (bf) CharBuffer.subSequence can be updated to take advantage 
of covariant returns


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