RMI benchmark

Peter Jones peter.jones at sun.com
Mon Jan 7 16:26:00 UTC 2008

On Sat, Jan 05, 2008 at 08:01:35PM +0800, zhang Jackie wrote:
> Hi, everyone!
>       Recently ,I want to have a performance comparision on RMI and my own
> version with little changes. Can you give me some microbenchmarks and some
> other suites used for estimate the performance of RMI? I googled the keyword
> "RMI benchmark", but cant get one.

You can find a microbenchmark suite for RMI, as well as object
serialization, in the "test" tree of the jdk7/jdk repository--
relative to the jdk7 forest, look here:


There isn't much documentation there, but the script here:


shows how to create two JAR files, rmibench.jar and serialbench.jar
from the sources.  Running either JAR with "-h" prints a usage
message.  Each has a default config file that can be altered to
customize which of the microbenchmarks to execute, how many
repetitions of each to run, how much warmup to do, etc.  The RMI suite
can be run all in one VM or in two separate VMs, a "client" and a
"server", possibly on different hosts.

-- Peter

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