Performance regression in

Clemens Eisserer linuxhippy at
Wed Jan 9 12:23:41 UTC 2008

Sorry, sent the wrong files and found some bugs. Will re-send the
updated files soon -sorry for the traffic.

lg Clemens

2008/1/9, Clemens Eisserer <linuxhippy at>:
> Hi again,
> I've finished a very early draft of the native stride+copy
> implementation of Deflater.
> Its still very early and is not tested a lot (so don't wory about I
> would think this should go in as is ;) ), but seems to perform quite
> well.
> I just post it ... well ... to get some critics and advises ;)
> I don't like the code as its far too messy in my opinion, maybe
> somebody has better ideas to clean it up. Furthermore I don't know
> wether it breaks corner-cases.
> lg Clemens

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