purpose of FileDispatcher.preClose()

Michael Allman msa at allman.ms
Wed Jan 30 09:20:06 UTC 2008


Can someone with knowledge of such matters explain what 
FileDispatcher.preClose() is supposed to do on Solaris/Linux.  I mean, I 
see the code, but I don't understand why it exists or what problem it's 
supposed to avoid or something.

I ask because I'm trying to fix a file-locking problem on soylatte and it 
seems the solution to that problem is to remove this code (on that 
platform).  But before I charge ahead, I need a better understanding of 
why this code exists.

In particular, I'm really interested in the stuff that happens in 
FileDispatcher.c, functions Java_sun_nio_ch_FileDispatcher_init and 
Java_sun_nio_ch_FileDispatcher_preClose0.  They're setting something up 
that looks important, but I just don't get it.



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