Regression tests for BigInteger

Alan Eliasen eliasen at
Sat Mar 1 07:03:26 UTC 2008

   Attached is the code for regression test for multiply() and pow() in
BigInteger.  It produces a lot of text (approximately 345 MB) to
standard output.  You will need to save this output and diff it against
known good results.  I have provided a file of known good results tested
against a variety of platforms, including the Kaffe JVM using the GMP
libraries for BigInteger.

   It tests a lot of different size arguments, including arguments
around many powers of 2, which are the places that one would expect
problems to occur.

   The known good results are available at:

   This is a 56 MB download compressed with bzip2.

   I'd appreciate it if others could test this on other platforms.  I
don't anticipate any problems, though.

   I haven't had much time to finish the changes to the pow() function,
but there are some more optimizations I'd like to put in.

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