hg: jdk7/tl/jdk: 6745216: missing 4 chraset aliases in sun.nio.cs package

Xueming Shen Xueming.Shen at Sun.COM
Fri Nov 21 17:58:34 UTC 2008

Ulf Zibis wrote:
> Am 21.11.2008 17:15, Xueming Shen schrieb:
>> Ulf Zibis wrote:
>>> Is this fix also included in next JDK 6.0 update?
>> no. or not yet. we normally only backport the "important" bugs back
>> into previous release(s). and this is definitely not the one matches 
>> that
>> bar, at least for now:-)
> I just asked, because if  6745216-fix would be included in JDK 6, I 
> could throw out the workaround in my sun.io converter wrapper.
>>> What do you think about including my footprint-reduced sun.io 
>>> package in
>>> JDK?
>> as i said before, currently i'm hesitated to touch the sun.io package 
>> before we have
>> a clearer picture about what to do with this package in jdk7.
>> btw, i will putback relative "big" change for the singlebyte charsets 
>> for performance
>> improvement, if it can pass the review.
> I'm not sure, if I understand right. Do you think, that legacy sun.io 
> converters are faster or slower than sun.nio.cs coders?
The change in review pipe is to update the mapping/table based 
SingleByte charset implementation
in sun.nio.cs/ext,  which brings us much faster de/encoding performance 
and a relatively small
improvement of charsets.jar's size.


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