RMI DGC questions

Robert DiFalco rdifalco at tripwire.com
Sat Oct 25 16:37:35 UTC 2008

I'm thinking of making a change but wanted to gather some background
first. I would like to change DGC so that all sockets will uses a single
thread and reference queue. When there is work to be done, only then
will that work be sent to a thread pool.

My big question is, why hasn't this been done before? It appears to be a
relatively simple change to make that would result in saving a thread
per connection? People are always complaining about these renew clean
threads and they really cut down on scalability, so I want to find out
what has prevented people from making this change in the past to make
sure I am not overlooking something.

Also, is there a straight forward soup to nuts article on downloading,
modifying code, building, testing, and submitting the change for the
core libraries? Do I have to build everything or is there a way to just
build my effected jars and use binary plugs so that I don't have to
rebuild native code? Can I just copy that rebuilt jar over to my JRE in
order to test?



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