Get rid of lousy "Method-Invocation-Chaining"-trick

David M. Lloyd david.lloyd at
Mon Apr 27 17:21:38 UTC 2009

On 04/27/2009 12:10 PM, Ulf Zibis wrote:
> Hi all,
> IMHO, implementing "Method-Invocation-Chaining" by simply returning 
> "this" from regarding methods in Java-API was bad idea, because it 
> doesn't really work, if a class is subclassed. For example see XxxBuffer 
> classes, subclassed from java.nio.Buffer.

That's not exactly accurate.  Return types may be covariant (and in the 
case of Buffer, they should have been - I think it was just an oversight 
that may be addressed in NIO.2 if I recall correctly).  And in fact this 
usage has worked out just fine for me.

Don't fix what isn't broken IMO


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