Need reviewers, jdk7 testing changes

Joseph D. Darcy Joe.Darcy at Sun.COM
Tue Dec 8 21:41:17 UTC 2009

Kelly O'Hair wrote:
> Need reviewer for JDK7 testing changes, e.g. testing via:
>   cd jdk/make && gmake all images && cd ../test && gmake jdk_all
> 6906210: Fix another minor typo in test/Makefile
> Dan had pointed out my typo in the jdk/test/Makefile ($->$$)
> but when I started running and re-running the tests I ran into
> more unstable tests. This webrev includes fixes to 3 tests
> and unfortuntately more additions to the ProblemList file.
> Tests added to the ProblemList:

A few comments on problem list membership:

 366 # Need to be marked othervm, or changed to be samevm safe
 367 java/lang/annotation/                  

This test uses a security manager.

499 # Problems with rounding add failures on solaris-sparcv9 and -server
500 java/math/BigDecimal/ solaris-sparcv9

If this test is failing on a particular platform, that is indicative of 
a HotSpot bug on that platform.

502 # Problems on windows with samevm, missing inputstream close()?
503 # Also times out on solaris-sparcv9 -server
504 java/math/BigInteger/ generic-all

Some uses of input/output are not guarded by the try-finally {close 
resource} structure. I've filed 6908541 "Bad resource management in 
java/math/BigInteger/" for this.

506 # Should be samevm? But seems problematic with samevm on windows
507 java/math/BigInteger/

 From a quick look, the test uses some security infrastructure, but 
there is nothing that would seem problematic for samevm operation.

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