Need reviewer - adding -ea -esa to testing via jdk/test/Makefile

Kelly O'Hair Kelly.Ohair at Sun.COM
Fri Dec 11 19:20:53 UTC 2009

Need reviewer - adding -ea -esa to testing via jdk/test/Makefile

6909373: Add -ea to the testing done by jdk/test/Makefile

Also put select jtreg options into separate make variables for easier
experimentation without modifying the actual Makefile.

Added a few tests to ProblemList.txt, failures with assertions and
some problems with a java/util/concurrent test.

+# Dies on Solaris 10 sparc and sparcv9, Linux  -ea -esa with
+#   Interrupted or IO exception, maybe writing to non-unique named file?
+com/sun/net/httpserver/bugs/			generic-all

+# Dies on pretty much all platforms when run with -ea -esa, Assertion error
+java/net/CookieHandler/			generic-all
+java/net/URLClassLoader/closetest/		generic-all

+# Fails with -ea -esa, Assertion error, but only on Solaris 10 machines?
+com/sun/nio/sctp/SctpChannel/				generic-all
+com/sun/nio/sctp/SctpChannel/			generic-all

+# Fails with -ea -esa, but only on Solaris sparc? Suspect it is timing out
+sun/security/tools/keytool/				generic-all

+# Fails with -ea -esa on Solaris, Assertion error (Solaris specific test)
+com/sun/tracing/				generic-all

+# Fails with -ea -esa on all platforms with Assertion error
+java/util/ResourceBundle/			generic-all

+# Failing on all -client 32bit platforms starting with b77? See 6908348.
+java/util/concurrent/BlockingQueue/ generic-all


I will file bugs on these tests failing.


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