Review request for 6898747: Allow JNDI cosnaming provider to be used when java.applet is not present

Mandy Chung Mandy.Chung at Sun.COM
Mon Dec 14 18:26:46 UTC 2009

Alan Bateman wrote:
> Mandy - what is the existing behavior for when the environment 
> property is null or a non-Applet type? I don't know the COS Naming 
> Service Provider but I assume it will throw CCE if the property value 
> is not an Applet. With the proposed change it looks like it will throw 
> an AssertionError if the module containing Applet is not installed. If 
> not installed it means the value cannot be an Applet so you could 
> thrown whatever exception is thrown today. 
Good catch.

I have an assumption that when the property value is non-null, 
java.applet.Applet must exist and the appletClass.isInstance(applet) 
check will take care of the case when the property value is the 
non-Applet type and throw CCE.   You are right that the non-Applet 
object could be set in the env property regardless of whether 
java.applet.Applet exists or not.

I will fix the CCFE catch clause to throw CCE if java.applet.Applet 
class doesn't exist.
> Minor comment is that you can probably replace "java.naming.applet" 
> with Context.APPLET.


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