Fix for 5015163, and my first webrev

Xueming Shen Xueming.Shen at Sun.COM
Fri Feb 6 22:25:31 UTC 2009

public String join(Object first, Object... elements) {
     if (elements.length==0)
         return String.valueOf(first);
     return new StringBuilder().join(this, first, elements).toString();

It does not look right to simply return String.valueOf(first); when 
elements size is 0, where is "this"?

No, I'm not endorsing the APIs provided, at least for now:-) there is 
room to debate what would be
the best choice(APIs) to support the "joint", if we decided to add one.


Rémi Forax wrote:
> Hi all,
> bug 5015163 is a RFE that advocate to add a method join (like in Python)
> to String/StringBuilder/StringBuffer.
> Here is the corresponding webrev (using the new infrastucture :)
> The patch is against tl repository.
> Who want to review it ?
> For the record, i have previously proposed this fix using the 
> jdk-collaboration forum more than
> one year ago but because i am lazy i haven't take the time to post it 
> here.
> cheers,
> Rémi Forax

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