hg: jdk7/tl/jdk: 6642323: Speeding up Single Byte Decoders; ...

Brad Wetmore Bradford.Wetmore at Sun.COM
Thu Jan 8 18:03:22 UTC 2009

> Tag jdk7-b41 was added  2008/12/08 in this list, and jdk7-b42 _2 weeks 
> ago_, so according your rule above, changeset b89ba9a6d9a6, which was 
> published 2008/12/10, should be in b41, at least in b42, but it isn't.
> That was the reason for my question.

There are two orderings that may be confusing the situation.  There is 
the ordering of the changesets, and the dates a particular changeset was 
created.  The dates listed by mercurial are the dates that the change 
set was created.  Recall that changesets are first introduced in a 
subgate, and then has to go through testing before it hits the MASTER 
gate, which is where the releases are built from.  If you look at the 
log now, there are several client changesets done 5 months ago that just 
hit the MASTER gate yesterday, but haven't yet appeared in a JDK build. 
  Eventually, there will be a tag for b43 created when that build is 
done and everything following it in changeset order should be contained 
in that build.


5 months ago	igor	4356282: RFE: T2K should be used to rasterize CID/CFF 
fonts 	changeset | manifest
5 months ago	bae	6687968: PNGImageReader leaks native memory through an 
Inflater. 	changeset | manifest
2 weeks ago	tbell	Merge 	changeset | manifest
4 weeks ago	sherman	6642323: Speeding up Single Byte Decoders 	changeset 
| manifest

The "tbell merge" was the last integration to the gate before Lana's 
Client integration yesterday.

If you look at the current build schedule:


you'll see that b43 should be done next Thursday, and the tag added 

Hope that's clearer, and more importantly, that I didn't say anything 
incorrect.  ;)


>> Regarding 6642323, looks like it's now in the MASTER, but there hasn't 
>> been a promotion yet.  I'd guess it'll be b43.
> I guess too, according Sherman's answer,
> Thanks for your time,
> -Ulf

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