Review request for 5049299

Michael McMahon Michael.McMahon at Sun.COM
Wed Jul 1 12:55:02 UTC 2009

Can we decide on a plan for this issue? I'd like to have
it resolved in good time for M5.

Architecturally, the solution for Solaris is clear I think:
posix_spawn() of helper program which exec()'s the final target.

So, can we recap on what the situation is for Linux?

Is it vfork() plus exec()?
But ,if (as the man page suggests) vfork() is just a special
case of clone(), then are we sure there still isn't too much
"stuff happening" between clone()/vfork() and exec() ?

Maybe, if this question isn't resolved (or resolvable) soon
then should we go ahead with a Solaris only fix?

- Michael.

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