-classpath @FILE

Kumar Srinivasan Kumar.Srinivasan at Sun.COM
Mon Jul 6 22:08:56 UTC 2009

Hi Martin,

I take it you want me to integrate this after due diligence ?

I can take a look at it, as a submission, but I can't promise when I will
be able to look into getting it into openjdk as my priorities are focused
elsewhere at this time.


> Hi launcher team,
> We have a local mod to openjdk's launcher here at Google
> that we would be willing to send upstream.
> We were hitting the 128kb command line arg limit
> (that is, the Linux limit on the size of *one* argument,
> not the entire command line) and made the simple expedient
> of allowing the classpath to be specified via a file,
> using the familiar
> -cp @FILE
> syntax.
> It's hard to create a uniform support for @FILE
> across all jdk commands, because the jar and javac
> commands already do their own @FILE parsing.
> So although -cp @FILE is a bit of a hack,
> it is useful enough that it probably should be part of the jdk.
> Remember that jdk engineers tend not to experience "jar hell"
> themselves.
> Martin

Kumar Srinivasan           
Sun Microsystems, Java Software.

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