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Lance J. Andersen Lance.Andersen at Sun.COM
Wed Jul 15 18:33:52 UTC 2009

Ulf Zibis wrote:
> Am 15.07.2009 19:36, Lance J. Andersen schrieb:
>> Ulf Zibis wrote:
>>> But does this script help me, to have an account on webrev server ?
>> There is no webrev server,
> I just referred to :
>     General
> _This server_ provides storage and display of code review materials 
> such as webrevs and other artifacts related to the OpenJDK 
> <> Community. If you are interested in 
> monitoring recent reviews, try our review feed here 
> <>.
> Any user with push access to the OpenJDK Mercurial 
> <> server can publish materials on _this 
> server_. Users can upload files to temporary storage using secure 
> methods (rsync, scp, and sftp).

If you have push access to the  workspace, you should be able to  to do 
this now.  I have not tried it myself, but if you have problems, just 
create a zip of the webrev directory and include it with your review 
request email or just email it to whomever has volunteered to review.
>>> ... and what does this script do? Does it open a GUI where I can enter
>>> the mercurial changeset to upload?
>> The script will create a set of diffs which you can view easily in a 
>> web browser.  Much easier to read than a standard diff.
> OK, thanks. Is there any tutorial for best practice of this script. 
> Should it be started in same folder as local .hg repository?
> But anyway, I still need an account on your whatever server to publish 
> those set of diffs.

There is not tutorial outside of the blog that I know of but this should 
get you started

It is really pretty straightforward, it will create a directory with the 
generated html files of your changes... I believe some versions might 
create a zip for you of your webrev.


> -Ulf
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