Spec update for Class#getDeclaredMethods()

Joseph D. Darcy Joe.Darcy at Sun.COM
Thu Jul 16 16:54:02 UTC 2009

Rémi Forax wrote:
> Florian Weimer a écrit :
>> * Eamonn McManus:
>>> The proposed change could be made, but it is not just a spec
>>> change. All JVMs that don't currently conform to the spec would need
>>> to change, as Rémi Forax notes, and that includes the JDK and its
>>> derivatives. I'm not a HotSpot expert but my guess is that there's
>>> some pretty sensitive code involved that the HotSpot team might be
>>> reluctant to go poking around in.
>> *hmpf* There's some code out there which relies on source code order
>> of members (it's not just Preon).  Hotspot appears close enough to
>> guaranteeing it that programmers make this assumption
> The solution is to not rely on reflection and to parse the bytecode 
> using by example ASM :
> see http://asm.ow2.org/
> Rémi

One can also impose an ordering on the program elements.  Due to a 
mis-design in the original apt API we had to write such a comparator in 



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