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>  You are asking a good question here and I did not find guidelines in the
> developer's guide for the process of adding new committers.  Typically in
> most open source projects, such as at ASF,  a potential committer would  get
> nominated by an existing committer and a vote would take place to approve
> the new committer.   A potential committer would get nominated based on
> their body of work that was accepted into the project.
> Perhaps this is something that might need to be added to the developer's
> guide (that is the process of becoming a committer)

For the openjdk projects, a committer is added by becoming a member of a *group
*(e.g. the Core Libraries group) and then joining the *project* (e.g. jdk7)
to which you want to contribute.  The interim guidelines for group
membership are documented here <>:

A Member is a Participant who has demonstrated a history of significant
contributions to a Group, has been granted Membership by that Group, and has
signed the SCA<>.
If a Group has the power to grant membership then the existing Members of
that Group may promote an individual to Member status by a three-vote
consensus (three yays, no nays) carried out over a seven-day period.

The normal way for non-commiters to demonstrate a history of significant
contributions is through repeated application of the process described here

This process is intended for developers who already have the skills required
to work on the JDK but who do not yet have full authorship (*i.e.*,
committer) rights. It allows such developers to demonstrate their abilities
by submitting meaningful contributions in the form of patches and by pairing
them with *sponsors*, *i.e.*, existing authors who can offer advice, help
them become familiar with the JDK development process, and eventually push
their patches into the appropriate Mercurial repository. Over time it's
expected that skilled contributors will eventually earn full authorship
rights for themselves.

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